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OpenWheeler. A railway gliding video game driving seat. Ultimate racing imitation

And, as for the arrival of OpenWheeler on the stage - well, it arrives with an actual driving chair made just for motor racing, which ideally fits the chassis mount like a glove! As a matter of fact, the creators sustained the initial mounting base, thus permitting gamers to glide the seat backwards and forwards so as to achieve their most preferred racing position. This makes OpenWheeler a genuine racing instrument with an extremely flexible functionality. The chair supplies the driver with the feeling delivered by an actual driving vehicle and at the same time perfects the open-wheel simulator's design. And the feeling is incredible where you can't contrast it with anything else experienced before, and, with the drivers feeling in control the entire time, it provides for complete car simulation! In fact, we can go as far as to say that, with the right home video game racing wheel, the home racing chair turns into the supreme virtual appliance.

A fully adaptable home driving seat

OpenWheeler offers a lifespan guarantee and is built with ultra light yet strong materials. It is easy to assemble. It is foldable for convenient storage as well. It's the greatest and most operable solution for those indoor racing simulations which offers an unbelievable true-to-life experience. OpenWheeler comes as a totally flexible video game driving chair which slides backwards and forwards on strong metal rails. Identically, the car racing game wheel is also adjustable, this being in terms of height, and, as for the miscellaneous size requirements, the pedal mount can be adjusted to suit these as well. You'll also see it's compatible with all chief steering video game wheel and home video driving game console types.