Open Wheeler Video Gaming Chair (Review Page 6)

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Racing Game Seats

Rare driving realism. Purely marvelous

It is absolutely unprecedented! This is the feeling you'll gain when playing with OpenWheeler. It is home video racing thoroughly reborn! It's totally different from utilizing game console controllers, claviatures or joysticks. This is real driving where even older and not so trained video game racers feel immensely improved. It's speedier and more deft. It's the seat that makes OpenWheeler exclusive by all and every means. And you'll discover that racing in it is amazing and splendid!

Genuine driving imitation and practice

As a matter of fact, we'd go as far as to assert that racing imitation has never been more real life-like pitching players and their race in absolute harmony and symmetry with this sensational piece of work.
And, if you're looking for an absolutely different level of racing experience, OpenWheeler takes home racing seats to this desired new plane where you'll permeate even greater peaks.